Best tips for safe Yachting

The heat has arrived and it’s time to go on the water!To ensure a fun and safe experience, offers you expert tips. Below are the tips for safe Yachting:

Make sure all safety equipment is on board before going on the water

Check that all the safety equipment required by law for your Yacht by size is on board and is in good condition. You may be surprised at everything the law requires you to have on board your Yacht! These items are lifejackets / PFDs for each passenger, a first aid kit, a float line, a buzzer (such as a whistle), a scoop, a waterproof flashlight and a paddle or anchor.When preparing your Yacht, have these items at your fingertips. Emergencies arrive quickly.Here are some other items that may be useful: extra sunscreen, cell phone, snacks, water, and spotless dry clothes.

Professional advice: attach the whistle you carrying with your lifejacket so that you can request for assistance in urgency.

Wear a fitted lifejacket always,and ensure that everyone on board wears a Lifejacket

The danger of immersion in cold water is high at this time of the year. M anoint a minute after falling into the water, youcannot swim. So be smart and buckle up.Whether you are aboard a Yacht or paddle board, always wear an approved lifejacket. Check the label. Your lifejacket must be approved by Transport Caribbean, Fisheries and Oceans and / or the Caribbean Coast Guard. Do not forget to check the wear of your lifejacket, especially snags and tears.

Obey the law and get your Yacht license (Pleasure Craft Operator Card)

Transport Caribbean requires pleasure craft operators to attend and complete an accredited course prior to starting the rudder.

Do not drink while driving (or paddling)

It is illegal and dangerous. On the water, we drink water. Beer, we drink it after, back on dry land.  If you drink while sailing, you will suffer the same penalty as if you drink while driving a car.

Plan your trip

Know your route and use the official nautical charts. It is also a good idea to fill out an excursion preparation form , which provides information about your Yacht (make, year, name, color) and indicates your destination, your route, the expected time of return, the name of your Yacht all the people in your group and instructions in case of emergency.

Leave a copy at a responsible person at home and another at the park office.Do not forget to watch the time. Plan to return to the shore if the water becomes rough.

Know your Yacht and its capabilities

You have a new Yacht? Do not use it for the first time on unknown waters. Each Yacht is different, from weight distribution to stability in rough waters.

Do you have questions? Consult Professionals before leaving

If you are not familiar with a lake, ask park staff for advice. They can learn about floating logs, sand bars and depth restrictions, and suggest interesting routes and sites.With these tips we hope you will spend a nice time on the water, and safely.

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