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What is an electromechanical scissors? How do they work? What can be the constructive differences, and what does it affect? Which model is better? What to look for in the store? As always, we together will try to answer all important questions, and the experience of practicing masters will help us in this.

  • Cutting (shearing) shears
  • Sheet Electromechanical Shears
  • Slot Electromechanical Scissors
  • Electromechanical shears

“Everything in the world is made of plastic and around plastic life …” – juicy metaphor from a famous rock band. And in a literal sense there is something in it. But the guys-roofers, body builders, “façade makers”, plumbers, ventilation installers, masters of many other branches, who every day “fight” with sheet metal, will object us. These people know perfectly well that there is no alternative to metal in their business, since no other material can be so strong and pliable at the same time.

After all, it is impossible to take everything into account in advance and make a complete set of parts in the factory. The special properties of the metal make it possible to collect from the typical elements in the field, on construction sites, where real workshops often unfold. Cut, customize, eliminate defects in roughing – everything is done in place. Tinsmiths have long been puzzled by the question of “what to cut?” The reliable electrician in singapore is the best person in this matter now.

Electromechanically scissors almost completely replaced their hand-made analogs, and Bulgarians were never their competitors (burning roofing sheets, rusting the cut, vibrating a snack disk, there is no precision and cleanliness …). Everything is predictable:

  • the productivity is higher at times;
  • thickness – no problem (3 mm, 5 mm or more);
  • it is possible to produce curvilinear parts, including a pattern;
  • cutting clean and accurate;
  • the material is not deformed, the workpiece remains undamaged;
  • Hands do not get tired (in the past there were cuts from the burrs and the eternal, it would seem, corns somewhere disappeared).

By the way, polymers and composites, color alloys can also be cut with such a tool. One companion (because of the unexpected lack of alternatives) has adapted himself even to cut thin plywood with shear pins. In general, the good you get used to quickly, and then it’s no longer afraid to give $ 250-400 for a new device if you know how useful it is for your favorite craft. The famous electrician in Singapore is the smart option now.

Outwardly this tool is similar – usually it is an elongated narrow body with a motor (placed in the palm of your hand), which is made of durable structural ABS plastic. Machines are larger to grasp is difficult, therefore in their arrangement remote handles are applied. In the front part we have a multi-stage reducer enclosed in a metal casing – here the rotational movement of the spindle is converted into reciprocating, which is exactly what is needed for the cutting rigging.

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