Finding The Right Solution for alcohol De-addiction

Thanks to the development of chemists, the concept of “sorption” appeared, that is, help the body in case of intoxication – many medical workers began to apply the procedures of enterosorption, colonosorption, hemosorption, which, through ion-exchange resins, promoted detoxification in the case of drug dependence treatment.

Plasmapheresis, Indication

Narcologists resort to such a method of detoxification as plasmapheresis , in simple terms – fence and purification of blood from foreign inclusions in the operating room through the apparatus of plasmaphoresis. Plasma, separated from the blood, is purified, and its deficiency is replenished with donor plasma after the procedure. Currently, the spinal fluid, lymph, is cleared, however only on strict indications.

More often, however, methods such as plasmapheresis and hemosuction are used, for which only apparatuses are required, and these procedures are possible in an outpatient setting, of course, if strict aseptic and antiseptic rules are followed. The rehab for alcohol in orange county happens to be the best option there.

Opioid Detoxification – Pied

The most modern, effective, safe and popular method of removing opiates from the body, subsequent detoxification and treatment of drug addiction is a procedure called ultra-rapid opioid detoxification – UBOD. Effective in the treatment of drug addicts who used opium and synthetic drugs, as well as in case of poisoning from the use of so-called “heavy” drugs. The effectiveness of the method has been tested many times, but it has significant minus – “breaking” during detoxification, which frightens many drug addicts – modern methods of detoxification.

However, the doctors offered to use general anesthesia in carrying out AEDD – yet the fact that the rate of biochemical processes in the case of opioid detoxification increases by a hundredfold, which increases the painfulness of withdrawal , anesthesia will be required to completely relax the drug addict’s drug. After the end of the anesthesia, the symptoms of withdrawal are either not manifested at all, or are felt minimally. This method of detoxification is reinforced by intravenous fluids infusions with vitamins.

What Drugs Are Dangerous

Drug addicts are so ingenious in order to achieve what is required that they are ready to use any pharmaceuticals containing even a minimal dose of narcotic or potent substance. The next pharmacy disasters can be called demand for cough reflex preparations containing codeine, as well as vasodilating and soothing effects, such as Corvalol, Valocordin and the like, containing phenobarbital in the composition.

Many pharmacies have already established a norm of selling these medicines in one hand, but this approach proved to be ineffective, for known reasons. Dramatically, drug addicts prepare a potion and themselves, which simply kills them in a short time of “enjoyment” and what to do with it, until no one knows, unfortunately – modern methods of detoxification.

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