Fool-Proof Kitchen Makeover On Taragh Bracken’s Budget

When it comes to remodeling, everyone knows that a kitchen update is one of the most expensive projects you could embark on. From the high costs of new, stainless steel appliances, to the refurbishing of your kitchen cupboards, or even the addition of more modern light fixtures, the cost of such a renovation adds up quickly.  Taragh Bracken’s side-hustle has always been interior design in Whitby, Ontario. After having won countless awards in Real Simple, she is ready to disclose her best-kept kitchen makeover secrets. Read on as she spills the beans on the best methods to update this sacred home space without the weightlessness of your wallet getting in the way.


Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Get your hands dirty and paint your old kitchen cabinets yourself to keep your budget on the cheap. You’ll automatically notice a dramatic difference after having coated these overly-utilized shelving units with a dusty blue or creamy neutral colour. This paint job does take a lot of work, therefore ensure that you use the proper small brushes to get all the corners of your shelving while maintaining a rhythmic brush stroke throughout.


Buy Only One New Appliance

Bracken is aware that the cost of a kitchen makeover racks up quickly when you decide to buy all the highest-tech appliances from your wish-list at once. This is simply unaffordable, and thus an unrealistic shopping spree to go on—especially if you are a first-time buyer in your mid-to-late 20s. Instead, the recommendation is to choose one must-buy appliance that you feel as though you can’t wait any longer on and splurge on it. Is your dishwasher always breaking down, causing you a heap of extra expenses every time you need the plumber to take a look at it? This may be an area worth spending on first.


Change Up the Hardware

A change up in small hardware pieces can go a long way if you think about it. They really are the icing to your kitchen. Take a stroll through your nearest Rona and choose modern brass pieces for your cupboards, as well as a new brass faucet and soap dispenser for your sink. Swapping the old, rustic kitchen canisters that your grandma used to use for clear jars with metal tops for your ingredients will update your kitchen immediately. Think of modern geometrics, from a trophy-inspired shaker, to a sleek French press and elegant salt and pepper shakers—you’re set for a real change-up.

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