Health Benefits of E-liquid Compared to Tobacco

One of the reasons why most discussions about vaping involve smoking is because most vapers were once smokers. Vaping has come in as a savior to help them quit tobacco consumption and deal with the addiction. However, there have been many debates on which one is safer in terms of health between the two. After several types of research, there is no doubt that e-cigars are way ahead of traditional cigarettes as they come with immense benefits which include;

Save your lungs

The traditional cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals that can adversely affect your body functions. One of them is tobacco, something that you will not find in the e-liquids. Researches have shown that these substances can lead to lung cancer. The tobacco damages the lung cells and consumes them away leading to one of the most feared and dangerous conditions. This is something that can easily be evaded by shifting to e-cigars.

Bad odor and mouth cancer

One of the leading causes of mouth cancer is tobacco. This is a problem brought by both smoking and smokeless tobacco. The chemicals in the tobacco cigarettes alter the genetic cells of the mouth cavity leading to mouth cancer. Also, it can increase the risk of this condition by exposing the user’s mouth to carcinogenic chemicals while smoking, chewing or inhaling. E-liquids contain no tobacco and they are therefore safe for your mouth regardless of how long they are consumed. Moreover, tobacco comes with a bad mouth and body odor and takes a lot of hassle to get rid of the smell.

Causes aging

Smoking has been proven to speed up the normal aging process of the skin which leads to early development of wrinkles. Although these changes take time to show, they will eventually appear after prolonged tobacco consumption. This is because the nicotine in the tobacco leads to narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layer of the skin and hinders blood flow to the skin. It sounds scary since no one wants to look 5o in their 30’s. This has not been seen in e-cigars and they are therefore safe for use if you want to stay forever young.

Smoking interferes with normal blood circulation

Smoke affects your heart and alters the blood circulation which increases the risk of heart diseases such as heart attack, peripheral vascular diseases, stroke and coronary heart diseases. This is because the carbon monoxide from the smoke puts a strain on the heart and makes it pump harder and faster as it tries to pump enough blood for the whole body. It also increases the possibility of blood clots. This can be avoided by quitting tobacco smoking and shifting too much healthier products such as vape.

Tobacco damages the bone structure

Tobacco can weaken your bones and make them brittle especially in women, unlike the e-cigars.

The negative effects that tobacco can have on your health are endless and they can all ruin your life. Do not forget that it can also alter your brain function especially when your heart cannot pump enough blood to reach the heart. Why put yourself in such condition when you can quit completely and quench your thirst with best e-liquids from . Make the initiative today and improve your healthy lifestyle.

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