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17 Modern Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

The type of hairstyle preferred by different people keeps changing as they age. That is why more and more short hairstyles for women are designed every day to suit those changing needs, therefore giving women endless options for them to feel younger and rocking.

The present time we are living has proved that age is just a number and not a dictate of how old you are. The next time you visit your stylist consider trying one of these short hairstyles for women over 50.I can assure you that you will not miss one from this great collection.



  • Asymmetrical Pixie


These short hairstyles for women are ideal for busy professionals. They come in various styles so inform your stylist of the lengths you need for your face frame in case you have chosen a specific look.


  • Blunt Razor Bob


This banged rounded bob leaves the face well framed giving out a gorgeous smile.


  • The Fonda


It is a textured bob with medium highlighted cut. It doesn’t require much time for styling, hence gives you more time to carry on your things yet looking smart.


  • Grey Highlighted Curls


The variation of hues in this style is just rocking. The curly antique appeal is stylish too.


  • Major Chin Length Curls


Large, well-defined emphasised curls look beautiful all the year round.


  • Jenner Pixie


What more can you get than this hairstyle for women over 50? It elegantly frames your face.


  • Long Fab White Blonde


It looks more like a titanium colour and lightly curl on the shoulders reveals a fantastic dimension.


  • Long Silky Soft Grey


This one will get you lost in your world of beauty.


  • Marcel Wave


This old Hollywood wave looks stunning when worn by aged ladies who need an attraction.


  • Helen Mirren’s Bob


If you are past 50, you will see the benefits of embracing these glamorous short hairstyles for women over 50. It is undoubtedly worth trying it out.


  • Ombre Layers


Who said rocking is reserved for the younger ladies? The older ladies can rock with this style of hair especially if it is well done.


  • Tousled Exceptionally Short Pixie


Minimal maintenance is needed for this hairstyle. It is ideal for almost all face shapes; hence it is a universal hairstyle for aged women.


  • Round Asymmetrical Bob


What makes your smile cuter apart from this hairstyle? Rounded bobs are more common hairstyle because of their capability to hug the face.


  • Hip Bob


This gorgeous style brings out the look of a super cool design. To look gorgeous wear it with sunglasses.


  • Grey Curly Ombre


The blend of the grey and brown colours together with a curly pattern created by this hairstyle is elegant.


  • Short Bob with Bangs


It is ideal for women with thinning hair.


  • Super Thick Bob


Blunt cut bob works well with super thick hair to bring an appealing look.


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