Top Oakland Real Estate Agent Shares The Top 5 Things He Wishes He Knew Right At The Start.

Brad Roemer, one of Oakland’s best performing agents, hasn’t always been as talented as he is today after ten years in the industry. At the start, he had to spend considerable time and effort learning, just like any other agent. What made Roemer Stand out is just how much time and effort he would put into sharpening his marketing and negotiation skills. Roemer would often stay up late night and spend his weekends improving his skills and was eventually selected to manage twelve other agents at Sotheby’s, overseeing their sales and ensuring that they met their quarterly and annual targets. Roemer would eventually go on to start his on very successful team which represented some of Oakland’s most high-profile property owners. We sat down with Romer and asked him what would be some of things that he wished he knew how to do right from the start.

  1. How to use social media to your advantage

When I started out as a real estate agent I knew that word of mouth was king. Nothing beats having a good testimonial on your side except for many good testimonials. But what I didn’t know is that you can expand this with relatively low cost additional marketing systems like social media advertising, building a website, advertising on Google. Yes the leads are different when they come from social media. Usually they are more at the beginning of their property search and have a few more questions to answer, unlike clients who cme by word of mouth. There is a huge benefit to social media though, it serves as proof of your work. A picture of you in front of your sign holding a “just sold” banner, really sells it to new prospects. It’s what they want to see when they think of getting a real estate agent. A real estate agent that sells!

  1. Measure everything

Seriously, if you want to succeed, and you had no choice but to apply only one of my tips it would be this: measure everything. The numbers will tell you where your leads are coming from, what they are buying, how often, what income level they have, which jobs they have, how often they leave good testimonials or refer someone new to you….etc. This is all information that will help you identify which marketing methods work best but also which market niche you are the most skilled at serving. Maybe it’s condos, maybe it’s rentals. The numbers will tell you.

  1. Know your client

If you have a super analytically-thinking client and you don’t present them with any numbers, they will quickly become bored and look for another agent that is more their type. Conversely, if you have a client who is more into, let’s say, the design of the house and less the numbers, then presenting them with numbers is also going to alienate them. Know your client and communicate with them accordingly.

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